I would like you to meet my friend Scruffy McPaw.
It's the chasing of tails, he dreams of galore.

When he has a near miss, will he settle down?
Not my loveable rascal, my favourite clown.

Scruffy McPaw's Chasing Tale introduces the adorable and slightly roguish character of a dog named Scruffy McPaw.

In rhyme, the story follows his passion for chasing tails. After uncovering a few inherent dangers in his pursuits, Scruffy eventually finds an alternative channel for his playful tendencies.

Whilst primarily targeted at 3-6 year olds, this book is aimed at educating and entertaining both little kid and big kid alike.

Reader reviews:

'I absolutely love this. It's sweet, whimsical and all round charming. The illustrations are simply gorgeous, and the entire story is well-formed. Brilliant.'

'Thanks for this one, funny, beautiful, enjoyable!'

Scruffy McPaw's Chasing Tale is Gary Masskin's debut picture book.

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  1. Wow this seems like a fun enjoyable book for children:)